Two Minute Tip: Tori Clinch

Tori Clinch is 22 and is from North Lincolnshire (although she spends a lot of time in London, or uni in Gloucestershire).  We’re delighted that Tori took the time to share her Two Minute Tip and we hope you love it!
  • Which discipline(s) do you shoot:
Started with sporting, only discipline shot at university, moved to FITASC, Sporttrap, Skeet, then started OT in January.
  • How did you get into shooting:
I rode horses for ten years, had a riding accident leaving me with permanent nerve damage so needed an alternative sport to fufill my competitive needs. Initially trained gun dogs, then a friend asked me to come along to a clay ground, was hooked ever since! First gun for my 18th birthday and shot a lot whilst at University in Durham, alongside running the club and team there.
  • Biggest achievement to date:
Representing Team GB for para-olympic trap in France at the World Cup and Italy at the World Championships, nine months after first shooting trap!
  • What’s your big shooting goal:
At present, I will be spending the winter season shooting University competitions, learning to win, before transitioning back to OT ahead of the selection shoots in 2019. To say the Olympics is not the ultimate goal would be a lie, but I am focusing on working closely with Hamish, to develop my shooting, attain consideration scores and secure a Team GB place for ladies.
  • What do you shoot with:

I shoot a 12G Perazzi MX2000 for trap with custom manuel ricardo stock, favourite cartridge is Cheddite Trap Oro (7.5’s, 24g),  for sporting I shoot at Perazzi High Tech, and Gamebore White Gold (8’s, 28g).

  • Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to:
Paul Zatischenko for first getting me into CPSA shooting, and Hamish Patterson my incredible coach for being there the whole time, including times when I cannot travel to Beverly for a lesson and he teaches me over the phone! An enormous thanks to the Lings, (primarily Abbey and Steve) who have ensured I am suitably kitted out and guided through the Olympic Trap world. My sponsors, Teague Chokes, Clayclo, Laporte, York Guns, Plugzz and Manuel Ricardo.
  • Words of Wisdom:

”One is that you have to learn to compete against yourself, rather than compare your scores and successes to others. I went to being at the top of the university shooting game to the bottom of the pile in Olympic Trap. Everyone tells you you need to do x y z but it’s only you with the clay and two cartridges at the end of the day, so you need to have 100% confidence in your ability, routine and those people around you. The scores will do the talking eventually!”

  • Blog / Social Profiles / Get in touch etc:
I want to encourage other people to make the transition from University to CPSA shooting and support them through that, as too many people cease shooting upon graduation. Happy to help in any way I can, simply drop me a message!

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