Two Minute Tip: Faye Wills

Faye Wills is an Olympic Skeet Shooter from Kent who is on the British Shooting Talent Pathway. Faye is a sweetheart and a superstar who shares a brilliant tip with us this week. 

What do you shoot?

  • I now only shoot Olympic Skeet competitively, having transitioned from English Sporting and English Skeet, but I do shoot English Sporting for fun and for charity.

How did you get into shooting?

  • I started working at a shooting ground in Kent where I was given cheap rates for lessons after I decided I should learn about gun safety and got hooked the moment I took the first shot!

What’s your biggest achievement?

  • My biggest achievement so far was representing my county at the regional Inter-Counties Championship in Olympic Skeet. It was the first time I’d been on a team in my chosen discipline and gave me the drive to go further. The team spirit was wonderful!

Who would you like to shout out for helping you the most?

  • I’d like to shout out my husband Tony, for his constant and unwavering support; my dad for driving me to the British Shooting Talent Identification Day that changed my shooting career; my mum for her support; my brother for being my sports photographer; my coach David Dale for persisting with me even when it seemed like I’d never get the hang of Olympic Skeet; my friend Charlotte for creating videos and taking photos of my journey; and finally my sponsors, HMS Host and William Moore and Grey Gunmakers.

What’s your biggest ambition with your shooting?

  • Like a lot of athletes, my biggest ambition is to make the Olympic team. I know I still have a lot to perfect and it takes time to be good enough, but I’m excited for the challenge and ready to continue my journey!

Where can we find you online?

Visit Faye’s blog to keep up to date with all of her news and progress: Click Here >>

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Faye for joining us and for sharing her wisdom. If you want more Two Minute Tips, check out Danielle Browns and Tori Clinch by clicking the links!


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