Two Minute Tip: Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown is a much loved member of our club, who is putting in the work and rising up the rankings.  Danielle shoots Sporting, lives in Herefordshire and is a regular on the registered scene. Her Two Minute Tip is golden and we hope you enjoy it!

  • Which discipline(s) do you shoot?
    English Sporting and dabble with DTL and Skeet
  • How did you get into shooting?
    A neighbour invited my husband and I game shooting, after researching what to wear, what to expect I found the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and then started going to their events on a regular basis!
  • Biggest achievement to date:Representing Hereford & Worcester in the Ladies Skeet team and we won Gold at Intercounties.
  • Anyone you’d like to shout out to (coach, sponsors etc)
    My husband! For allowing me the time so go off at weekends to shoot and for letting me spend all our disposable income on it!
  • What’s your big shooting goal?To get to A Class!
  • Blog / Social Profiles / Get in touch etc. Twitter @Danielle_F16 Instagram @queendan


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