Travelling with your gun: on a plane

Travelling with your gun on a plane can be a little bit of a daunting prospect if you’ve never done it before. You may think ”OMG I just don’t know what to do!” If this is you, then hopefully our third and final part of this mini-series focussed on travelling with your gun will help.

If you missed the previous videos on travelling with your gun in the car (click here) and about taking your gun on a train (click here).

In this video Victoria discusses:

  • Her experience on taking her gun on a plane and how it went
  • Google the airline’s policies on travelling with your shotgun
  • Your gun is classed as sporting / oversized luggage and there will be a fee to pay, you can do this online
  • You’ll need to take your in date licence with you to check in your gun
  • Your gun must be in a lockable hard case, aluminum are the best as they protect from damage in the hold
  • Victoria likes to use a trigger lock for belt and braces when travelling anywhere with her gun
  •  With check-in you’ll be taken off to have your gun inspected and you’ll be issued with paperwork
  • Ensure you allow extra time with check in and collecting your gun.
  • Discretion is key at the airport (remove any ‘I love my shotgun’ stickers)
  • If you’re shooting in the EU, you’ll need to obtain an EU firearms pass. You can get one of these from your licensing constabulary. Here’s the link to the North Yorkshire Firearms Team as an example >>

This video is for guidance only. Victoria isn’t an expert in firearms law,  she does have bags of experience in travelling with her gun though and is an incredibly responsible licence holder. If you are unsure seek professional advice.


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