Travelling with you gun: In the car

This week Victoria talks about travelling with your gun for the first time and what you should do to minimise risk if you have to leave your gun in the car. When you’re getting going with your shooting, there can be a lot you don’t know, including what to do with your gun when you’re travelling with it. If this is you, then we really hope this helps and gives you some idea on how to safetly travel with your gun!

This is video 1 of a 3 part mini video series on travelling with your gun.

In this video Victoria discusses:

  • The importance of discretion, forward planning and lots of common sense
  • In the car how and why you should ensure your gun is hidden from view and ideally broken up
  • How Victoria always takes her fore end off and takes her cartridge bag with her, even if she’s just fuelling up
  • How best practice says to have a trigger lock on and to have your gun in a lockable hardcase, chained to the boot loop in your car
  • That the objective is to make sure your gun is unusable should the worst happen and your car be broken in to or stolen
  • Victoria quotes the advice from the Home Office website, which you can read, along with a guide on firearms licensing here >>

In summary, it means: keep your gun out of view, take your fore end off, ideally take your ammo with you, chain up your gun case to a boot loop (if you have one), park your car when you can see it if you can, ensure your alarm and immobiliser are on (if you have one). Remember common sense in bucket loads!

Next week Victoria is talking about taking your gun on the train.

This video is for guidance only. Victoria isn’t an expert in firearms law,  she does have bags of experience in travelling with her gun though and is an incredibly responsible licence holder. If you are unsure seek professional advice.


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