Travelling with your gun: on the train

This is video 2 of a 3 part video series where Victoria talks about travelling with your gun. This week she’s talking about taking your shotgun on a train. If you’ve never taken your gun on the train before, then hopefully this video will give you a nice understanding on how to go about it and what you should know. Like with anything to do with shotguns, be safe is absolutely key.

In this video Victoria covers:

  • How discretion is imperative!
  • How to look like you’re not travelling with a gun and how to do it
  • How many train operators do allow you to travel with your gun
  • Check the conditions of carriage before you travel. National Rail has a useful PDF you can download here >>
  • National Rail permit unloaded firearms/shotguns
  • Take your licence with you
  • Be discreet at all times!
  • If you’re travelling via Eurostar you’ll need to take a European Firearms pass and you can’t take ammunition

Next week Victoria talks about flying with your gun

This video is for guidance only. Victoria isn’t an expert in firearms law,  she does have bags of experience in travelling with her gun though and is an incredibly responsible licence holder. If you are unsure seek professional advice.


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