Applying for your shotgun licence

Getting your shotgun licence is an exciting time! This week Victoria walks your through the shotgun licence application process and how you actually apply for your licence.

By the end of this video hopefully you’ll have a good overview of how the process of applying for your licence works and you’ll be in a position to get going!

In this video Victoria covers:

  • How processing times vary massively, do get your application is ASAP
  • The difference between a shotgun and a firearm licence
  • That a shotgun licence costs £79.50 in England and last for 5 years
  • To find the form to apply google your local Police Firearms Licensing Department – here’s the one for the North Yorkshire Police Firearms Licensing >>
  • Find the shotgun licence application forms and guidance notes – read both thoroughly first!
  • On the form you’ll be asked to fill in personal details, sign a personal health declaration with a disclaimer
  • You’ll be asked about any mental health barriers or any offences you might have, along with security for your gun
  • You’ll have to supply a reference and you’ll need to send a passport-sized photo with your application
  • Send your application off recorded delivery and then you’ll wait for a visit from the Firearms Enquiry Officer.
  • Once you’ve had your visit, then your paper licence will arrive in the post!
  • If your application is a bit more involved or difficult, do seek professional advice.

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