Mini Masterclass: Shooting Eyewear with Denzil Lee

Welcome to our Shooting Eyewear Mini Masterclass with Denzil Lee from These sessions are designed to give you knowledge around a certain subject area in shooting.

Denzil is a lifetime shooter and so passionate about shooting eyewear, so much so he set up his own brand of eyewear especially for shooting the Evolution Range, the most successful shooting glasses by volume in the UK!

Denzil is a keen supporter of our club and we really hope you enjoy this mini masterclass and more importantly learn from it.

In this video you can expect to learn:

  • What we’re looking for when buying shooting eyewear; a big wrap so all of your eyes are covered. Glasses should be frameless, rimless and they are made from polycarbonate and be UV400.
  • How we need to be aware with using sunglasses as they’re not shatterproof.
  • Different coloured lenses and when to use which:
  • Grey and brown are great for shooting in to the sun to reduce glare.
  • Yellow are great for poor light conditions as they enhance the light.
  • Orange or Rose are high definition as they sharpen everything and they’re good if your eyes are tired.
  • Purple is really easy on the eye and dulls a dark background like woods or hills and it really picks up movement against the dark background.
  • How lenses work the same way for everyone, unless you’re colourblind, then it’s good to experiment
  • How women, in particular, should look for a smaller nose pad
  • What the most popular sorts of shooting glasses are (also how the Evolution is really affordable and are great glasses!)
  • If you have a smaller face, the Evolution Quest and Chameleons are good but do experiment (you can always send them back)
  • Denzils recommends orange, rose or purple if you’re just looking for one pair, but interchangeable sets are great!
  • You don’t need a £300 pair of shooting glasses unless you’re shooting at the top end, go with what you can afford
  • Denzil reinforces the point of always having proper eyewear on when you’re at a shooting ground. Don’t take any risks!

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Denzil for joining Victoria for this Mini Masterclass. If you’d like to find out more please visit, or find them on Facebook at Sunglasses for Sport

To get your hands on a copy of the shooting glasses guide that Denzil shows in the video, email 


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