Mini Masterclass: Loading

Have you ever wondered about loading? If so, then this weeks video is for you! Victoria was joined by the wonderful Hatty Hosegood, loader extraordinaire for this month’s Mini Masterclass.

Hatty is an in-demand shooting instructor and loader who works at some of the finest estates and shooting schools in the South West of England and beyond, alongside being a busy shooting instructor. Her instruction and loading style is hugely popular with ladies who have had lessons from her. She’s such a lovely lady with down to earth personality who’s clients have real success whether on clays or game.

In this Mini Masterclass Hatty shares how she got into shooting, what her job entails, how ladies can get into loading and she shares her experience. If you’re planning on shooting game, then this is a must watch video!

You will learn:

  • What a loader actually does aside from physically loading guns
  • What you’re looking for in a loader and their characteristics
  • The benefits of having a loader with you
  • What your loader is looking for when you’re on the peg
  • How you get in to loading
  • Qualifications required to be a loader
  • What double gunning is and how it’s done
  • Hatty’s advice for your first day in the field

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Hatty for taking the time to join Victoria for this hugely informative Mini Masterclass. If you’d like leave a comment for Hatty, please do leave one below. Or, if you’d like to contact Hatty with questions or to find out about booking a lesson or a days loading in the field with her you can search her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram @HattyHosegood

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