Mini Masterclass: Shooting Instruction

This months Mini Masterclass is all about shooting instruction. Victoria was joined by one of our favourite shooting instructors and ground owners, Simon O’Leary from The Hownhall Shoot, which is located on the Cowdray Estate in Sussex.

In this Mini Masterclass Simon shares his wealth of knowledge and his brilliant take on things, he’s such a genuine and likeable guy and is a firm favourite amongst our members!

In this video Simon covers:

  • The role of a shooting coach aside from getting you to hit clays!
  • His style of instruction and what covers
  • What makes a good instructor or coach and what we should look for when choosing one.
  • What new shooters need as a foundation when they’re starting out
  • Recommendations for intermediate shooters who are looking to progress.
  • Bad habits! How we overcome them and when to get help.
  • Getting to grips with tricky targets and how.
  • Mindset and perspective.

As Simon says, there is no such thing as a silly question. If you want to ask him ANYTHING at all about your shooting, the sport, guns or something else he’d love to hear from you. Simon is such a lovely guy and is passionate about helping others in the sport he loves.

Contact Simon:

Visit the Hownhall Website: Click here

Follow Hownhall on Instagram: Click here

Find Hownhall on Facebook: Click here

Follow Hownhall on Twitter: Click here

Email Hownhall at

We’re holding at Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club event at Hownhall on 3rd November, if you’d like to join us, click here!

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