Mini Masterclass: Gun making and maintenance with Tom Hickman


This months Mini Masterclass is all about gun making and gun maintenance with the wonderful Tom Hickman from J Roberts & Son Gunmakers in West Sussex, who are one of the most respected gun and rifle makers in the country.

If you’re new to shooting and aren’t really sure what’s what in terms of the different parts of a shotgun, what’s actually inside the action and how it all works, then this video is definitely for you.  Also in this mini masterclass Tom talks about maintaining your shotgun and shares his advice on upkeep and servicing and he talks about basic gun fit and how the process works.

If you’d like to find Tom online you can find out more about J Roberts & Son on their website here, they’re on Facebook here and you can follow Tom on Instagram @GunManTom. We’d like to thank Tom for taking the time to join Victoria for this fascinating chat about gunmaking.

In this video Tom covers:

  • The parts of a shotgun and what they are
  • How a shotgun works
  • The process of having a gun made
  • How engraving and chequering is done
  • A brief look at gun fit
  • Toms final thoughts



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