Mini Masterclass: Chokes with Josh Brown

Welcome to our Shotgun Choke Mini Masterclass! Each and every month we’ll be sharing one of these Mini Masterclasses with you. These short sessions are designed to give you knowledge around a certain subject area in shooting.

Our first Mini Masterclass is all about shotgun choke. Victoria is joined by the wonderful Josh Brown from Teague Chokes for this jam packed video.

In this video Josh talks about what choke is, what you need to know, which choke for which type of shooting, fixed choke versus multi choke guns, caring for your choke and lots more!

It’s a great session and it’s really good to hear Joshs’ insights on chokes and shotguns.

We hope you love this video and get lots of out of it. Do leave us a comment below if you found it useful or if you have any questions ask away in the comment section. To find out more about Teague Chokes visit:


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