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Membership enrolment is now open!

LSC Membership is the brand new and super improved Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club membership (but with lots more perks!)


What will membership of the

Ladies Shooting Club offer me?

The LSC is a welcoming and friendly community of women who love shooting, regardless of their ability or experience!

Our affordable membership features our amazing community. We do frequent live Q&A video sessions in our Facebook group with the industries finest experts!
We have our training vault of videos to help you learn and new for 2019 we have our Ladies Shooting Success Path (coming soon!).

PLUS as a member you'll get a £10 discount of Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club events!

Hello there!

I’m Victoria Knowles-Lacks, founder of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, National Ladies Shooting Day and the Ladies Shooting Club.

I'm on a mission to make shooting more accessible to women just like us! I'm so passionate about creating opportunities and providing a place where you can meet other ladies to shoot with, you can learn, you can share your wins and be supported with anything you need help on with your sport. I absolutely love what we're achieving with the Ladies Shooting Club and the amazing vibe we have and I look forward to welcoming you in!

Victoria Knowles-Lacks
What happens when you join:

You will receive a welcome email right away with your login details to the members dashboard, giving you instant access to the training bundles.

We will tell you how to access our exclusive Facebook community.

We will email you to find out more about you, and what we can help you with, because we are dying to get to know you!

Here's what's included!

Video training resources + new for 2019 our Members only Success Path launching soon!


Private Facebook community where you can network, get support and share your progress.


Expert FB Live Q&A's in our members only Facebook group. Get your Q'sanswered!


You can cancel at any time. We don't believe in tying people in!



Instant access via the members dashboard to your very own step-by-step monthly training sessions with experts.  Dip in and out of them at your leisure. We know you’re busy so we make all of the training material easy to access and not too long!



We have a thriving members-only Facebook community which is the place to connect with other lady shooters from around the world. Meet other members, get involved with our expert Q&As, use it to seek advice and share successes. It’s your platform!



As a Ladies Shooting Club member, you will also get discounts on The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club events if you are UK based.  We welcome you to create Ladies Shooting Club meet-ups if you are outside of the UK.


The Video Vault!

You can count on us to only work with the best experts around. At the beginning of every month we will be adding a brand new expert-led training bundle to the members dashboard. These bundles will remain in your dashboard for life, so you can watch them when it suits you.

Here’s a sneak peek of our brand new bundles

"There's a reason that ladies all around the UK (and abroad!) have embraced shooting over the past few years, and that's because Victoria is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Yes, she works bloody hard and continues to push the club in new and exciting directions, but it's her authenticity that I believe has been the key to her success.

Victoria's passion for shooting has helped inspire and nurture hundreds of women into the sport, giving them the confidence to try something new whilst having fun at the same time! In a sport that receives so much negative attention, it is vitally important that we support ambassadors such as Victoria who are instrumental in helping to safeguard shooting for the future."

Charlie Coups, Fieldsports Magazine

"Victoria has inspired a whole host of women and empowered them with shooting through the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club. The Bun Club ethos should be emulated wherever possible, instilling confidence in women and creating an inclusive, supportive and fun atmosphere is so important. Our love of the countryside brings us together but it is friendship and community that makes us strong."

Gemma Payne, Head of Marketing, The Game Fair

"The S&CBC opened doors for me. With the Club I tried everything from Olympic Trap to game shooting. I loved everything I tried, which has to be in part because of the company of wonderful supportive women."

- Elizabeth Cook, Cambridgeshire County Shooter
What you will gain:

More knowledge

Armed with everything you need to know, watch your progress in the field soar.

More opportunities

Because fun is what it's all about! And how much fun is doing anything with a group of like-minded ladies who have your back! We want you to meet up and mingle with other members. Form life-changing friendships. Plus, we offer a £10 discount to all members from our sister club, The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and in time there’ll be Ladies Shooting Club meet-ups!

Get access to all of this


Lady Shooters

Is it right for me?

You may be thinking this all looks amazing, but you’re wondering ‘is this right for me?’ It’s hard to give an answer without knowing exactly where you are on your shooting journey, but what I can tell you though is that we have an outstanding group of ladies from around that world who:

  • Haven’t started shooting yet
  • Have started, but don't have their own gun yet
  • Are Improving gun owners who are going down the competition route
  • Are recreational clay shooters
  • Aspiring and improving game shots

If you're still not sure here are some FAQs that we hope will help:

The Ladies Shooting Club is a brand new and purely online community and platform. There are no physical events so we’re not geographically tied to a location.

Come and join us and see what you can make happen!



Connect with us!

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