How She Did It: Zea Purnell


If you’re thinking about starting doing registered shoots then this month’s episode of ‘How She Did It’ featuring the wonderful Zea Purnell is a must watch.

Zea has been shooting for five years and is a sporting shooter and a regular on the registered scene. She talks about how she got into shooting after going along to watch her boyfriend shoot, then pulling the trigger for the first time on a ‘Have a Go’ stand at The Game Fair, which lit a fire inside of her and she was hooked!

Zea talks from the heart about not being overly confident and how she’s dealt with that and how she now pushes her comfort zone and shows up every week.

Her story is one of passion, drive, and total commitment to a sport that changed her life.

If you’d like to follow Zea’s journey (and see lots of photos of her lovely dog) do follow her on Instagram @Zea_Purnell PLUS check out her brilliant blog which has lots of excellent advice on it.

If you’d like to find out more please visit the CPSA website.


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