How She Did It: Charlotte Copland

We’re so excited to share a really inspirational ladies shooting superstar with you, Mrs Charlotte Copland for our latest ‘How She Did It’ interview, one of our longtime darling members.

Charlotte has such an incredible attitude when it comes to clay shooting and we really think you’ll be inspired. Putting ourselves out there doesn’t come naturally to so many of us, but Charlotte really feels the fear and does it anyway. We can all learn so much from her.

Charlotte has made the county and North of England teams two years in a row, she’s shot the Worlds in the USA twice. he’s made B class in the CPSA classification system, fell out and got back in again AND she made 6th place in the UK rankings for Sportrap in 2017. She talks about her journey in to shooting, how she prepares for shooting competitions, confidence, her goals for 2018 and so much more.

If you’d like to follow Charlottes journey, do follow her on Instagram 


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