How She Did It: Ashleigh Weston

Every month Victoria speaks an inspirational lady and role model for our hugely popular ‘How She Did It‘ feature.

This month VKL sits down with Ashleigh Weston and gets deep about how shooting changed her life. This interview is packed full of incredible insights on life from this outstanding lady.

Ashleigh is a beautiful, confident go-getter, she’s down to earth, shoots straight, she’s funny and one of life’s sweethearts. She started her shooting journey 3 years ago.

Ashleigh found shooting after having a riding accident, which resulted in a broken back. Ash was super active before her accident and as part of her recovery to get her out and about she got herself a gun dog, then at gun dog training lessons she met some new friends, got persuaded to go beating and the rest is history!

Today Ash is a game shot, qualified loader and regular on the CPSA registered shoot scene.

At 27 years old Ash has overcome more than most people deal with in their entire life. Aside from breaking her back, Ash was in a toxic and controlling relationship. She went through the most unimaginable time and has bounced back, she has an amazing outlook and perspective of life. She’s wise beyond her years and you can’t help but be inspired by her attitude.

Shooting has become her new normal and we hope you’re as inspired by her phenomenal attitude and grit as we are!

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If you’d like to follow Ashleigh’s shooting journey, follow her on Instagram: @AlphaFoxtrotWhiskey

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