Why it’s good to go beating

If you’re thinking of going beating on a game shoot and are wondering what it entails and what happens, then this video is for you. Beating is such a great day out and offers invaluable insight in to all of the hard work and precision that goes in to putting on a game shoot. If you’re an aspiring or improving game shooter and you’re really keen to get as much knowledge as possible around game shooting we hope this video will help.

In this video Victoria discusses:

  • Who are in the beating line and what they do
  • Beating is a really great day out and it’s really good to see how game shooting works behind the scenes
  • That you can learn so much about shooting and the dynamics and hard work that goes into putting a shoot day on
  • The people and how you never know who you’re going to meet + the real characters of the beating line!
  • What you can expect on your first days beating
  • The importance of looking out for signals when you get going as you might not be able to hear
  • How the birds are gathered into a flushing point
  • That you’ll be walking through undergrowth most likely so wear clothes you don’t mind getting ripped and sturdy footwear
  • Take a drink and some gloves with you (very important!)
  • If you’re looking to find some beating do get in touch with NOBS 

If you’re new to game shooting and are looking to find out as much as you can, we’d love you to check out our ‘Role of Shoot Staff on a Game Day‘ video or our ‘Transitioning from Clay Shooting to Game Shooting’ video. If you have any questions, do get in touch or leave a comment below, we love to hear from you.


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