The Role Of Shoot Staff On A Game Day

From Gamekeepers to Game Dealers and everyone in between. There are an incredible hardworking people who make a game day come together. Running a game day takes military-like precision and organisation. There are key roles which Victoria covers in this video, using the example of a formal driven shoot. She talks about the following people and what they do, plus a few key points such as always being gracious and thanking the keeper, beaters, picker ups and shoot staff.

Below is a summary of the roles of shoot staff on a game day:

  • Sporting Agent: Men and women who you can choose to buy your shooting through, they’ll get you great deals and ensure all of the details are taken care of.
  • Shoot Captain: Your host for the day who will overseeing you drawing your peg, to ensuring you’re where you need to be
  • Head Keeper: They do everything from rearing in the close season to ensuring the beaters, picker ups etc are where they need to be on the day.
  • Under Keeper(s): Assistant gamekeepers who support the Head Keeper.
  • Picker Ups: People with dogs who retrieve shot game.
  • Beaters: People who flush the birds over the line of ‘guns’.
  • Flankers: Part of the beating team who keep the birds in the drive.
  • Game Dealer: On large shoots a game dealer buys the shot game to process and sell on
  • Hospitality Staff: The very lovely people who serve breakfast, elevenses and dinner etc.

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