Driven Shooting & Walked Up Shooting

With the game shooting season approaching many of our members have their first day’s shooting planned. This week Victoria talks about the two main sorts of game shooting which are driven shooting and walked up shooting.

Driven Shooting is where beaters ‘flush’ the birds over a line of Guns (the shooters). On a driven shoot the Guns stand on a ‘peg’ and shoot from that spot.

Walked up shooting is a lot more physical as it involves walking in a line with other Guns, often over dogs where birds are shot as they fly up. Walked up shooting is a lot more authentic and Victoria talks about how she loves the whole ‘shooting for your lunch’ feeling. You have to work hard on a walked up shoot and you’ll shoot less birds.

The prices are contrasting between driven and walked up as driven shoots will raise their own birds and all of the cost attached to doing that including the full time salaries of the Gamekeepers. There are also a lot of people who on a shoot day on a driven shoot, such as beaters, picker ups, the person on the game cart and hospitality staff etc.

Walked up shooting is a lot less ‘laid on’ and a smaller number of birds are shot so the price reflects that too.

Whatever you’re shooting as long as you’re safe, sporting, take as many birds as you can home you can’t go far wrong.

If you’re new to game shooting and want to find out more. Check out our ‘Roles of Shoot Staff on a Game Day‘ video and ‘When You’re on the Peg for the First Time‘ video.


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