When you’re on the peg for the first time

This week’s video is for the aspiring game shooters amongst us. If you’re shooting game for the first time this season, chances are you might have a ton of questions about form for the day and what you need to do or what happens. If you’ve never been on a peg before (a peg is where you stand when you’re game shooting) then you might have wondered what actually happens. If so, then this weeks video is for you and we hope it helps.

It’s all of the little things like knowing what to do when you’re on the peg for the first time that can help boost your confidence a little bit to take away any mystery and hopefully allow you to focus on being safe, the shooting and enjoying everything being on a game shoot offers. Remember it’s not just pulling the trigger, it’s the scenery, the company, the dogs, the whole package!

In this video Victoria uses a formal drive game shoot as an example. Please note this will differ to walked up shooting.

In this video Victoria covers:

  • When you ascertain if the drives start with a horn or a whistle, or if you’re ‘live on peg’
  • How you should always have a look around you before you start shooting – who can you see and where are they? This includes neighbouring Guns, Picker Ups, your host, beaters etc.
  • How you should just give you barrels a quick glance before you load your gun to check they’re clear
  • There’s likely to be a bit of a wait until the birds start coming over which can mean tired arms! You can stand with a broken gun, or load after 5 minutes or so. Judge the situation and do what feels right
  • The importance of never letting your barrels of a loaded gun drop down into the trees or hedge in front of you, there are likely to be beaters in there.
  • If you’re feeling a bit nervous use the time to take a few deep breaths and tell yourself ‘you’ve got this!’
  • If you have a Loader with you and are feeling nervous if a little chat would help, go for it! Victoria finds talking when shooting helps her to not overthink the shot! This isn’t a one size fits all approach though – do what’s good for you
  • When the birds start coming over the adrenaline will kick in especially if there are a lot. Pick your bird, make sure it’s not too low so that you’re not shooting into trees and don’t on anything sky high.
  • Shooting your neighbours birds tends to be bad etiquette, so imagine a big funnel that fans out in front of you, with the narrow end at you and this will give you a good indication of what’s yours.
  • If in doubt, leave it out and enjoy every single moment!

If you’re shooting game for the first time this season and if you have any questions, do get in touch! If you’re shooting game for the first time this season, do check out our Why it’s good to go beating video




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