3 ways to go game shooting without spending a fortune!

Game shooting is expensive, there’s no getting away from it, however there are ways in which you can enjoy a day in the field without spending a small fortune.

In this video Victoria shares her top three tips for getting out there and enjoying a days shooting on a shoestring.

In this video you will hear her top three tips, which are:

  1. Sharing a peg on a game shoot is a really sociable and affordable way to enjoy a days shooting. How you halve the cost and halve the shooting. Aside from doing this, peg sharing can be a confidence booster if you’re new to game shooting as you’ll have someone stood with you.
  2. Beating – this is such a popular one. Beating is an excellent way to get your game shooting fix from the other side. For so many of us game shooting isn’t just about pulling the trigger. It’s about everything that’s going on around you. The atmosphere, the beautiful estates and shoots, team work and seeing the dogs work. Plus on most shoots you’ll get paid and are likely to get lunch + you may well bag a peg on beaters day! If you’re looking for a local shoot to beat on and aren’t sure, visit GunsonPegs.com or do a quick google search. If you’re keen to find out more about beating, we have a little video on it here
  3. Being a non-shooting guest – If you have a friend who’s shooting on a certain day, you may well have the opportunity to go along as a non-shooting guest. There’s usually a hospitality charge attached to this, but it’s a really lovely way to go along and to be a part of the day.

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