Mini Masterclass: Your first Game Day with Chris Hanks

The game season is nearly upon us! Chris Hanks who is the Head Instructor of Lady’s Wood Shooting School in South Gloucestershire joined Victoria to talk about preparing for your first game day. Chris has shooting in his blood. He was born and raised on a game shoot, where his Father is still head keeper. He’s run his own shoot and has been heading up Lady’s Wood for the past 5 years.

In this Mini Masterclass Chris talks through:

  1. The absolute basics of preparing for the game season with getting as much knowledge as you can inc going beating.
  2. Why it’s important to have proper game style lessons.
  3. Having lessons tailored to the quarry you’re going to be shooting
  4. How game day runs from drawing pegs to tipping the gamekeeper
  5. The roles of shoot staff and who you need to be looking out for when you get to your peg
  6. How to be a sporting shot and how the shooting is just a small component of the day
  7. The importance and benefits of having a loader on your first few game days and how they can enhance your day
  8. Behind the scenes on a game day – who, what, where and why.
  9. Ammunition – what you might need for which kind of quarry and when in the season
  10. Chris’ final thoughts and top tips!

We’d like to say a massive thanks to Chris for taking the share his knowledge for this Mini Masterclass. If you’d like to find out more about Chris, do check out Lady’s Wood Shooting School website, Facebook and find them on InstgramĀ @LadysWood or @Crhanks35.

In this video, we mentioned the incredible Hatty Hosegood (lady instructor and loader extraordinaire) who joined us last month to talk about Loading. If you missed it, you can catch up here >>


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