Finding Your Tribe

When you find your tribe and your supported, whilst having fun, magic happens. This week Victoria talks about the power of your support network and why and how to create one if you don’t have one already.

When Victoria first started shooting she learnt with a group of gentlemen, whilst she loved their company and appreciated them what she really wanted was a girl gang to shoot with.

If you’re keen and new to the sport and don’t have any friends to shoot with then Victoria recommends you take the plunge to create your own girl gang, you just never know where the adventure will take you!

In this video she covers:

  • How to find your tribe by using Facebook groups
  • How she’s got the best group of friends now through shooting who have enriched her life
  • How events like S&CBC days are great for meeting new friends
  • How lots of our members have friendships with other members that have changed their lives and have resulted in all sorts of adventures
  • Victoria shares the amazing experiences she’s had since finding her girl gang which spans way further than shooting
  • How as women we have this wonderful way of geeing each other on and really support each other
  • How Victoria can hopefully introduce you to some local girls if you’re nervous, but do use our Free Facebook Group to strike up conversations and connections!

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