Dealing with Comparisonitis in Shooting!

This weeks video is for those ladies who have had a pang of the dreaded comparisonitis with your shooting!

We have a quote for you ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and we’d love you to remember this!

Comparisonitis is that dreaded feeling you get that really makes you feel lousy and question yourself and your ability. It’s a real fun killer when it comes to your clay shooting. Not everyone feels this way, so this video isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve had a pang of comparisonitis, then I hope this video helps.

Here are my 3 top strategies for overcoming comparisionitis and getting back in your stride when it comes to clay or game shooting.

  1. Honour where you are and how long you’ve been shooting. You can’t compare yourself to someone who’s been shooting for 10 years, if you’ve only been shooting for a year
  2. If you’re struggling with comparisonitis, walk away or redirect your focus to something else!
  3. Reframe! Switch the comparison into inspiration – don’t feel bad, feel inspired!


If you’re still not confident, do check out our video about when your confidence in  shooting is at an all-time low.

As always, I hope this helps. If it does, let me know in the comments below!



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