Transitioning from clay shooting to game shooting!

For those ladies thinking of transitioning from clay shooting to game shooting, or for ladies shooting their first season this year, then hopefully this video will help you.

Victoria breaks down and talks about three areas to consider before you have your first day in the field, with little action points for you to think about after each section.

Her three steps to getting out in the field to include:

  1. Safety: Really getting to grips with safety when it comes to gun handling and actually what you need to know in the field. Getting your instructor to test you and to put you through your paces.
  2. Preparation: Having as many lessons as you need so you’re competent and confident as you can be. Get to know basic etiquette (watch our etiquette video here), get to grips with quarry identification and have a look at some silhouettes and videos and if you can get out on a shoot whether it’s beating or standing on a peg – do it!
  3. Kit and Ammunition: Ensure you have warm and technical clothing that you can mount your gun with. Get the right shotgun cartridge for what you’ll be shooting (if you’re shooting Devon high pheasants, East Anglian partridge or duck etc). Ensure you are insured from one of the countryside organisations such as The Countryside Alliance, BASC etc.

Are you shooting game for the first time this season? Let us know in the comments below!


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