Clay Shooting Disciplines


Clay shooting disciplines were the subject of the question to Victoria this week. If you’re new to shooting and you’ve heard of the like of DTL (Down the Line), FITASC or Double Trap and you’re not sure what’s what, then hopefully this little overview will help you get a better understanding of the disciplines. Remember, this is just a very basic overview to help you understand where each discipline sits within the ‘types’ of shooting.

In this video Victoria Covers:

  • The three main types of clay shooting are Sporting, Trap, and Skeet
  • How Sporting is the most common entry route into shooting for lots of people
  • The disciplines within sporting are FITASC, Compak, and Sportrap and a little more about each
  • Why Victoria loves Sporting and the variety of the targets
  • How Trap has the most different disciplines with it and Trap targets are always going away.
  • What the Trap disciplines are
  • How the Trap disciplines vary through things like the number of clay traps involved, speeds of which the targets are sent, how many shots are taken and rules etc. (Members Login to watch our Trap Shooting Bundle here)
  • A look at Skeet shooting and how there is a ‘High House’ and a ‘Low House’ where the clays are thrown from
  • Within Skeet, there is ESK (English Skeet) and OSK (Olympic Skeet)
  • How Olympic Skeet has an 8th station and you shoot it with the gun out of your shoulder

What is your favourite discipline? Let us know in the comments, or, if you’re planning on trying a new one, let us know!


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