Mini Masterclass: The British Shooting Talent Pathway

This month’s Mini Masterclass is all about The British Shooting Talent Pathway. Victoria was joined by Christian Schofield, who is the Pathway Co-ordinator at British Shooting. In this Mini Masterclass Christian talks about the Talent Pathway.

  • What the British Shooting Talent Pathway entails and how it’s designed to help you develop.
  • That there’s flexibility built into it and how to find your easiest path to success.
  •  The three C’s which are Capability, Commitment and Cash and how you need all three to realise your full potential.
  • The importance of goal setting and breaking it right now to close loops in your performance.
  • The characteristics required to be an elite shooter.
  • How British Shooting really support you to find the right people to help you.
  • How the mental and technical aspects of shooting are looked at as one.
  • That Talent Identification Days dates are being released soon!
  • That British Shooting look for potential, not ability, the desire has to be there.
  • Athletes on the pathway pay £300 for 10 coaching session, the rest of the costs are subsidised by Sport England.
  • That the syllabus is handed out on registration and all of the info you need.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Pathway and British Shooting, their website is jam-packed with blogs, articles and more information on getting involved. Visit

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