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 The online platform for women shooters who want to improve and master their game, be part of a thriving community and achieve success in their sport.

Our Mission

The Ladies Shooting Club is a ground-breaking new platform with a bold mission:

To unite and inspire female shooters from around the globe, to share, motivate and develop in their favourite sport: shooting.

We believe that each and every one of you has the ability to be the best shot that you can be. It all comes down to gaining knowledge, support and getting out in the field. However, sometimes being a lady in the line can have it’s challenges. We know this first hand! With you in mind we created the Ladies Shooting Club.

You can expect to receive invaluable resources and weekly advice-based videos, featuring special guests. You will also be able to be a part of our free Facebook community.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt:

You’re a hotshot one day and can’t hit a barn door the next?

Shooting is your passion, but none of your friends really get it?

You want to take it further - but do you shoot competitions or focus on game shooting?

You want to get better but you just don’t feel confident?

You have a million questions but you just don’t know who to turn to?

We’re here to tell you that... you’re not the only one.

We totally get it!


There are thousands of us who have all felt - and still feel - this way. The highs and the lows are all part of the process. We live and breathe shooting yet our journey isn’t always easy. With the right advice and support around you,  your shooting goals are absolutely achievable. 


Our core values comprise:

Confidence, community and continuous development.

The founder of The Ladies Shooting Club

Built on Reputation

The founder of the Ladies’ Shooting Club, Victoria Knowles-Lacks, in six short years has transformed shooting for women with The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club. Her drive, commitment and vision has changed the face of the sport and the S&CBC has welcomed in excess of 15,000 in to shooting. She’s won numerous awards, has featured in the national press and on TV. She writes a regular column for Fieldsports Magazine too. Victoria wants to see more women thrive in what is traditionally a man’s world.

The Ladies Shooting Club brings together Victoria’s passion, her sought after network of industry experts and her commitment to offer the best opportunities for women. Her reputation is your guarantee.

Victoria says: ‘’The success of the S&CBC and how we’ve opened up shooting to in excess of 15,000 women has been phenomenal. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved and continue to achieve with it. Now is the time to build on that success and help women achieve their shooting goals.’’

Your New Network

Location does not dictate who can join the Ladies Shooting Club. Age is immaterial. Women from as far away as the USA and Australia are invited to become members.

A completely inclusive atmosphere is fostered, where our ladies range from total beginner to commonwealth champion.

Perhaps you’ve attended a Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club day or two and want to take your shooting to the next level?

Maybe you’re searching for a new hobby or a way to make friends?

Whatever the reason for joining, Ladies Shooting Club members are of a certain temperament: they’re friendly, supportive, committed and game for a laugh.

Does this sound like you? Maybe it’s right for you!

This community isn’t for everyone. It’s for ladies who are committed to improving their knowledge and technique in their shooting careers.

Why we set it up:

There has been a rapid rise in the number of women entering the sport in the past 6 years. Women from all walks of life, abilities, backgrounds and points on their shooting journey. We’ve struggled to find really usable helpful pointers that are easy to digest and more importantly to take action on, so we created this game changing platform with them (and now you!) in mind.

Ladies Shooting Club Values:


1: Confidence

We encourage everyone to aim high and keep their eyes on the prize. Whether you want to be a game shot, a competition shooter, or just hold your own. We know you can do it. Through our blogs, trainings, podcasts and guest Q&A’s, we want to give you the confidence to aim high and go for it!


2: Community

We are here to hold your hand when you need it, celebrate your successes and push you to keep going. For most of us, shooting is our leisure time and it’s better shared with others.


3: Continual Development

Through our extensive network of experts, we want you to learn and grow. We want you to feel fired up and inspired to get out there You absolutely can do this, sometimes it’s all too easy to forget what you’re capable of, so we’re here to remind you!

Are you ready to get started?

The Ladies Shooting Club donates £1 per member per month to charity. In 2018 we will be supporting two military charities who do incredible work. Freedom Hunters will be our first beneficiary charity. To find out more about this hugely humbling charity and the invaluable work they do.
We'll be announcing our British Military charity in the summer.


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